TOP SIX FOOD DELIVERY SERVICES IN KLANG VALLEY Food delivery services is one of the most high demand services in Klang Valley because most of the people are working and they have no time to go down to buy breakfast or lunch. They are too busy in their work. I, myself love this services because it makes my life easier. I am not talking about Mcd or KFC, but other food delivery services that are existed in Klang Valley. I have tried some of the food delivery services and I would like to share top six food delivery services in Klang Valley. No reason for anyone to be lazy eating healthy food. Dah Makan  “Dah Makan” we almost hear this word all the time. Dah Makan creates healthy lunchbox that are delivered straight to your office. Their dishes are made from fresh ingredients. You will feel 100% satisfaction or otherwise, they will return your money back. How to order? Website : More info : Website : : No : 018-2015592 / furzann@dahmakan.comInstagram : instagram/dahmakanOperation Period : Monday-Friday. EatClean KL  EatClean KL offers and deliver healthy and affordable home cooked food. Their dishes are made from fresh ingredients such as organic products and olive oil. No SUGAR, no FAT, no icky oils and its HALAL too. They constantly change their menu every week to provide different dishes to their customers. How to order? Call or leave a message and they will get back to you within 24 hours! More info : Contact Number : 017- 2576988Email : eatcleanKL@gmail.comFacebook : facebook/eatcleanklInstagram : instagram/eatcleanklOperation Period : Monday-Friday (only for lunch). Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays. Chopstick Diner  Chopstick Diner delivers healthy and delicious food to their customers. At first, Chopstick Diner was just as a recipe website but due to high demand, they turned into food delivery services.  How to order? More Info :  Website : : : No : 013-6303886Business Hours : Monday to Friday (Only lunch). Off on public holiday Food Matters  Food Matters offers 6 options daily of tasty local dishes, unique fusions meals, mainstay western and low-carb diet sensitive favourite. Their recipes are created by American Fitness Professional & Associates (AFPA) certified nutritionist Alexandra Prabaharan How to order? More info :  Email : cust@foodmatters.myWebsite : foodmattersInstagram : instagram/eatcleanklOperation Period : Based on Subscription Package. For delivery time and instructions, please refer your package.  Healthy Lunchbox  Healthy Lunchbox prepares healthy and tasty food.  Healthy Lunchbox also deliver during weekend, depending on the package that you subscribe. They also let you know the calorie that is part of the menu, staying true to its principle of providing Healthy Lunchbox. How to order? Phone: 019-3987091Email : hlunch2you@yahoo.comFacebook : facebook/healthylunchboxklInstagram : instagram/healthy.lunchbox/Operation Period : Based on Subscription Package. For delivery time and instructions, please refer your package.      Culinary Capers  Multi faceted company dealing with healthy food, cooking classes, overseas travel, holistic living and wellness. Information :  Contact Number : 012-2186656Website : : Period : Monday-Friday. Closed on Public Holidays.  Dish By Ili  DISH by Ili is a Malaysian wholesome tiffin food delivery service that delivers to your door 6 days a week for any foodie get togethers Information :  Contact Number: 017-3005066Email: dishbyili@gmail.comFacebook: facebook/dishbyiliInstagram: instagram/dishbyiliOperation Period: Monday-Friday (only for lunch). Closed on Public Holidays. 

10 Weird & Unique Museum in Penang

10 Weird & Unique Museum in Penang Do you love the unique and strange things? Feeling awe when seeing strange things? In Malaysia there are more odd things that really grab people's attention. This includes exhibition galleries and museums. In Penang alone, there are 10 weird and strange museums or galleries that we in Sini.Com successful list. We were very impressed especially after knowing they exist in Malaysia! Let's look at the 10 museums and galleries that will make you feel puzzled. PG GOLD MUSEUM   Located in one of the heritage buildings in Penang, PG Gold Museum was created to provide science, knowledge and experience to you about the world of gold included in the process of panning for gold. You also have the chance to touch with your own fingers gold bars weighing 50 kg! Here also has a 3D drawing. You may be illustrated as if currently working in gold mines. Operation Hours :Monday - Sunday9 am - 6 pm Entrance fee:Adults (MyKad) - RM 30Children 7-12 years (MyKid) - RM 15Seniors 60 years and above - RM 15  Muzium Address : No 95, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Pulau Pinang Tel No : 04-261 9999Facebook Page : PG Gold Museum UPSIDE DOWN MUSEUM The perfect house upside down. Here you will see a house with furniture and appliances in perfect condition but reversed its position. When you see pictures of the visitors, was surprised at how homes can be developed in such a way? Operation Hours:Monday - Friday: 8.45am - 4.30pmSaturday & Sunday: 8:45 am - 7:30 pm Entrance fee:Adults (MyKad) - RM16Adults (Without MyKad) - RM27 Children - Children (5-12 years) - RM 8Child - (Without MyKad) - RM16Students (student card) - RM11 Museum Address: No. 45, Lebuh Kimberley, George Town, Penang 10100 (maps)Tel: 04-2642660Facebook: The Upside Down TOY MUSEUM OF PENANG  Want to see the statue of the hero animated characters more closely? At the museum, children will be excited to have a closer look animated statue of their beloved hero like Batman, Superman, Ultraman, Spiderman, Star Wars, Pikachu, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hulk, Snoopy and more. As if in a fantasy world filled with characters savior of the world! It is recognized as the world's largest Toy Museum by The Malaysia Book Of Records. Operation Hours:Open daily from 9.00 am - 6.00 pm Entrance Fee :Adults: RM15Children: RM10 Museum Address: 1370, MK2, Heat Gulf, 115,050 Penang Tel: 012-4602096Website: GHOST MUSEUM OF PENANG  Chinese ghost, ghost pharaohs, headless ghost, and the ghost was feared by all kinds of people. Try to overcome your fear of visiting the Museum of Ghost In This Town. The feeling of being here seems to be in a house full of ghosts and skulls of the dead! Operation Hours:Monday - Friday10 am - 7 pmSaturday, Sunday and Public Holidays10 am - 9 pm Entrance Fee :MyKad / MykidAdults: RM18Children: RM8Seniors: RM8Students: RM10 without MyKadAdults: RM36Children - Children: RM16Seniors: RM16Students: RM16 Museum Address: 57, Lebuh Melayu, Georgetown, Penang 10100 Tel: 04-2612352Facebook Page: Ghost Museum Penang Penang Peranakan Houses Legacy, culture and the unique lifestyle of Baba and Nyonya Malaysia has never cracked deck hot sun since the 15th century Chinese cultural assimilation with the local culture in Malaya produce unique from the point of religion, culture, dress, cuisine, weddings and so on. Rumah Peranakan Penang can give a closer and the reality of the real world Peranakan in Malaysia.  Operation Hours:Monday - Sunday: 9.30 am - 5.00 pm Entrance Fee:Adults: RM20Children - Children (6-12 years): RM10Children - Children (under 6 years): FREE Address: 29 Church Street, George Town, Penang 10200 Tel: 04-2642929Website: http: //www.pinangperanakanmansion.comFacebook Page: Penang Peranakan Mansion MUSEUM OF THE TIME TUNNEL PENANG  This museum gives you the chance to explore the world of the past. You can see equipment used by people in ancient times, about 400 years ago. The museum also has an exhibition of paintings in 3D, anti gravity room etc. amazing. Operation Hours:Monday: 9:15 am - 7.30malamTuesday - Friday: 9.15am - 7.00pmSaturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 9.15 am - 8.00 pm(last admission is one hour before closing) Entrance fee:MyKad / MykidAdults: RM 16Children (5-12 years): € 8Students (student card): € 11 Foreign TouristsAdults: £ 27Children (5 years and over): € 16 Address: 39, Jalan Green Hall,, 10200 George Town, Penang Tel: 04-261 9181Website: Penang Time Tunnel TEOCHEW PUPPET AND OPERA MUSEUM  In the past Teochew Opera is very popular in Penang. Today, the opera is no longer a major public entertainment. The Opera House and the Puppet Teo Chew your real chance to approach the world of opera ever popular some time ago. There is a diverse collection of dolls iron Teochew opera costumes, head gear worn in the show and musical instruments that are used for opera performances are on display here. The Opera House was built in a shop in the heritage zone gazetted by UNESCO. It is run by 5th generation family Giak Low Choon Kim. Operation Hours:Tuesday - Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm Entrance Fee:RM 5 Address: 122 Armenian Street, 10200 George Town Tel: 04-2620377Facebook: Teochew Puppet Penang Camera Museum  Located in the heart of Georgetown, Camera Museum showcases a wide collection of cameras old cameras particularly well-known brands such as Leica, Canon, Minolta, Pellix, Yashica, Olympus, Nikon, Agfa and others. Watch how big the size of the camera in the past compared to the size of the camera now. You also have the opportunity to be in a dark room image processing, display various results stunning photography from around the world and other world fairs of the camera. Operation Hours:Monday - Sunday9.30 am - 6.30 pm Entrance fee:Adults: RM 20Students & Seniors: RM 10 Address: 49, Muntri Street, George Town, Penang 10200 Tel: 04-2613649Website: Penang Camera Museum I-BOX MUSEUM GLASS OF PENANG  Embrace the beauty of art and beautiful sculptures on glass sheets in Penang Museum of Glass. Various artwork colorful glass paintings can be seen. In addition, there are also decoration items and souvenirs such as glass wall clock, clock in a glass bottle, keychain and so on are all the result of etched glass. If interested in producing his own painting on the glass, you can try to paint creatively and then take home a work of art as a memento. Operation Hours:Monday - Friday: 9:30 am - 6:00 pmSaturday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Entrance fee:Adults: RM 15.00Children (3-12 years): RM 7.00 Address: No. 80-0, Jalan Mount Erskine, Tanjung Tokong, Penang Tel: 017-584 1017Website: Ibox Museum Penang Interactive Museum Made In Penang  Interactive Museum Made In Penang in fact a museum showcasing interactive drawing in 3D, a set of miniature figurines as people were rowing boats and interesting frescoes. What is interesting is the interactive paintings on display tell everything about Penang in terms of history, culture and lifestyle in Penang. Operation Hours:Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pmSaturday and Sunday: 9.00 am - 8.00 pm Entrance Fee:Adults (MyKad): RM 15.00Children (Mykid): RM 10Foreign tourists: RM 30.00 Address: No. 3, Weld Quay, George Town, Penang 10300 Tel: 04-2626119Facebook: Interactive Museum Made In Penang 

8 Stunning Waterfalls @ Selangor

There are couple of things on earth that blow your mind entirely, one of them is the waterfall. Explore the excellence of waterfalls surrounded in Selangor area. Below I've selected eight of Selangor's most incredible waterfalls for your viewing pleasure.   8. Templer Park Falls      Near to Kanching Falls. A popular picnic area for local and tourist. it can be especially crowded during weekends. Lots of monkeys in the forest here.   Location : Inside Templer Park, off the road KL-Rawang   7. Tekala Fall      Crystal clear water are the main attractions here. There were two tiered waterfalls. Its well maintained by the management. This is one of the attractable waterfall in Selangor.   Location : Near the Semenyih Dam   6. Sungei Tua Falls      Can see the nice view of waterfall alongside the road. Good place for picnic and camping as they provide recreational park on the other side.   Location : Jalan Sungai Tua, Ulu Yam (Between Selayang and Ulu Yam)   5. Perdik Fall      Many people didn't know well about this hidden waterfall. But actually this is an ideal location for picnic and mostly for trekking.   Location : Batu 19 3/4 Ulu Perdik, 43100 Hulu Langat   4. Sendat Falls      There are total 3 tiers of waterfall in Sendat falls. The first tier is the suitable one for family and children. The second and third tier is quite challenging. Good place for picnic, swimming, and trekking.   Location : Ulu Yam Baharu   3. Komanwel Fall      This is a less known waterfall in Selangor are. Small waterfall in quiet surroundings. It mostly focused on recreational activities. They provide accommodations for visitors who wish to stay there for a night.   Location : Jalan Kuala Lumpur - Rawang ( Opposite Hutan Lipur Kanching )   2. The Kanching Falls      Is a popular tourist destination in Kuala Lumpur. The waterfalls consist of seven tiers. The lower part is suitable for families. Most popular of all of the waterfalls is the 3rd tier. If you wanted to know where the river starts, you should go to the last tier (7th tier). Good for swimming and picnic.   Location : Between Selayang and Rawang   1. Gabai Falls      This is one of the closest waterfalls to Kuala Lumpur and therefore one of the most popular. Suitable for all ages. Easily gets crowded because of the popularity. Best to visit on morning to avoid crowd. They were so many huge rock, so careful while enjoying your swim. If can try to bath at the upper falls because of less crowd and more clean water.   Location : Hulu Langat  

Experience Nature closer at Danau Daun Chalets, Pahang

Experience Nature closer at Danau Daun Chalets, Pahang     Danau Daun Chalets was built in 2012 at Janda Baik, Pahang. This place was built to offer tourist an experience closer to natural environment. All the chalets are surrounded with forest and swamp. The swamp is transformed into a pond and a spawing pool for different kinds of fish such as tilapia.   [DANAU DAUN CHALETS] Address : Lot 5456, Sum-Sum Hilir, 28750 Kampung Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia. Tel No : Mr. Yahya: +6012-6271549, Mr. Zaid: +6017-8713509 Website : Facebook :     The Surroundings       The swamp turned into a pond of fishes.       As you can see, the pavement is surrounded with beautiful flower and green plants. This Danau Daun Chalet is actually healthy place as it is surrounded by nature.   The Chalets   There are four chalets that can hold the capacity of 21 Adults and 14 Children.   DANAU DAUN 1   More details :   DANAU DAUN 2   More details :   DANAU DAUN 3   More details :   DANAU DAUN COTTAGE   More details :   DANAU DAUN COTTAGE : DANAU DAUN ANNEX   More details :   Facilities     Fresh Water Dipping Pool - Enjoy your stay with the shallow pool by dipping into the pool with your family and be soaked in mountain water.   Dining   KOPI N KRAF RESTAURANT     Kopi n Kraf is a cozy and relaxing cafe with a beautiful jungle ambience. Here you can enjoy Malaysian and other Southeast Asian delights with families and friends. Our menu includes Chicken Kuzi from Kelantan, Nasi Lemak, Indonesian Soto, Cambodian Popiah and a variety of local and international coffee selections.     Built upon the foundation of river rocks, a portion of the structure was originally a traditional Indonesian house. After the building was purchased in Indonesia, it was dismantled to be transported here in Janda Baik. A few modifications were made to suit the building with its surroundings, while maintaining the bulk of its original appearance.     In addition to food and beverages, there are Southeast Asian craftwork from Malaysia, Bali, Indonesia and Cambodia that you can buy. You could purchase them as gifts or as decorations.     Kopi n Kraf is open everyday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., except Tuesdays.  


Entertainment, Relaxation, Calmness - Everything Is Here @ Gold Coast Malacca Resort

Entertainment, Relaxation, Calmness - Everything Is Here @ Gold Coast Malacca ResortA RM10 million water city park project which opened its door a year ago is waiting for your arrival. It's none other than Gold Coast Resort Malacca, strategically located landmark, just about an hour to travel to and from on road transport between KLIA and KL City Center.The water city park here is the effort to upgrade to attract more visitors to the resort besides giving added value to the location. A big sailor ship is mean the major attraction at the waterpark.There is a lot of interesting features like artificial wave pool, biggest outdoor jacuzzi, tornado, sliding pool and much more.There is a total of 4 buildings, two is an 8 storey and the other two is 9 storey building. Each storey comprises of 8 units of various sorts of modern design premises.The accommodations :2-Room Apartment (1038 sq.ft)Suitable for a mini family or group3-Room Apartment (1338 sq.ft)Suitable for the large family or groupStudio Suites (1498 sq.ft)Fully equipped and renovated at 5 stars rating suite room standard. Suitable for couples or twin sharing There’s also a wide selection of top-class facilities such as 24-hour front desk and security guarded, Wi-Fi in public areas, car park, meeting facilities, family room and etc.Gold Coast Malacca Resort is committed to ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible.Visitors who planned for a weekend getaway without having a stay at the Gold Coast Resort, just wanted to enjoy the wave pool are allowed, but the fee for bathing in the pool will be charged.Pricing8am - 7pmMon to Fri : Adult (RM30) , Child (RM20)Sat & Sun : Adult (RM35) , Child (RM25)8pm - 12amAdult (RM25) , Child (RM15)*There is two bathing sessionFor bookings, visit their official website or call 06-235 2888Gold Coast Malacca ResortLot 44, Off, Jalan Tun Hamzah,75450 Melaka.Tel : 06-235 2888Email : : :

A Royal Dining Experience@Sushi Roiyaru Restaurant

A Royal Dining Experience @ Sushi Roiyaru Restaurant As you know, Sri Petaling is one of the gourmet paradise with lots of restaurants with different varieties of food. Let's have a look at the recently opened Japanese restaurant (not so new, going to be 6 months), Sushi Roiyaru Restaurant, which offers a wide range of Japanese buffets with multiple food choices from sashimi to dessert.This restaurants bring the concept of the royal outdoor store size and the interior environment was simple without losing the atmosphere. If you have a closer look at the menus and prices, is still considered same as other restaurants, but here they won't charge you the 10% service charge, so it might consider as a good news for the visitors.Their cookers (Chef) are imported from Japan, which they have an 20 years catering experience that lead them to serve an extraordinary foods.They provides wide range of food choices including sashimi, sushi, salad, vol vol hands, sushi, cold food (former dishes), Mini Donburi, tempura, Yakimono BBQ, fried Liu, Teppanyaki, Japanese hot pot, stir, steamed, cooked food, pasta, beverages and desserts.They import fresh seafoods from Japan directly to the restaurant every week twice.They also serves various types of Japanese sake, soju, plum wine and beers for customers to choose.[A-LA-CARTE Buffet Time]Weekdays :Dinner session 6-10pmWeekend & Public Holidays : Lunch Sessions : 12-3pmDinner Session : 6-10pm*Closed on every Tuesday[A-LA-CARTE Buffet Price]Senior citizen: RM 49.80 nettChild (79cm or below) : freeChild (80cm - 100cm) : RM 15.00 nettChild (101cm - 135cm) : RM 35.00 nett[Big deals this month]- Monday to Friday, 5 pax FREE 1 pax on weekdays only- Every Friday (12pm-3pm), student price RM49.80 nett- Free a bowl of hot Japanese style crab nabemono (For reservation in advanced only)[Sushi Roiyaru Japanese Restaurant]Address23, 23-1, 25, Jalan Radin Bagus 3,Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57100 Kuala Lumpur.Tel : 017-5885155 / 012-6969155Opening Hours :Monday to Thursday : 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.00pm - 10.30pmFriday to Sunday and public holidays: 11.30am - 3.00pm, 6.00pm - 10.30pm*Tuesday OffFacebook : Sushiroiyaru


Website : Thursdvys

55 % Homemade Cookies

  Now at RM25 / container only! Vithya Home Made Recipe Cookies - Valid from 1 November 2015 until 25 December 2015. - Valid only for delivery within Klang Valley areas  - Limited price discount only for 100 units. While stock lasts. 13 variety cookies  .    01.PINEAPPLE TART  02. LONDON ALMOND  03. CHOCOLATE CHIPS  04. OATS  05. NESTUM CHOCOLATE   06. MAZALA   07.CORNFLAKES  08. SEMPERIT KACANG   09.CASHEWNUT  10. WHITE SUJI   12. SNOW ALMOND  13. BUTTER COOKIES        WE ALSO HAVE COOKIES HAMPERS FOR THOSE BUY RM100.00 ABOVE ONWARDS  IN THE OUR SHOP ONLY.       Steps: (Simpler & better now!) Just two simple steps to get the discount!  steps 1.Register or log in as SINI user at  steps 2.Show your log in account at (whatsapp / email) to Vithya Home Made Recipe Cookies.       T&C  - Promotion is valid from 1st November 2015 until 25th December 2015.  - Valid only for first 100 orders of containers.  - The Promotion can only be redeemed by presenting the user’s SINI log-in account                 (screenshot) for verification through Whatsapp (0173713142) or email t0  - The promotion is not exchangeable for cash.  - Valid only for delivery within Klang Valley areas.  - Each container of cookies contains around 65 to 75 pieces of cookies. -  Valid only for three (3) days order in advance through phone calls – 0173713142 or email Delivery will be arranged to send the cookies ordered to        the customers.  - First come first serve basis.  - Not valid with any other ongoing promotions, offers, packages and/or discounts.  - All prices (MYR) are inclusive of 6% GST.     we WISH U HAPPY DEEPAVALI  AND MERRY XMAS 

A Royal Dining Experience@Sushi Roiyaru Restaurant

A Royal Dining Experience @ Sushi Roiyaru Restaurant As you know, Sri Petaling is one of the gourmet paradise with lots of restaurants with different varieties of food. Let's have a look at the recently opened Japanese restaurant (not so new, going to be 6 months), Sushi Roiyaru Restaurant, which offers a wide range of Japanese buffets with multiple food choices from sashimi to dessert.This restaurants bring the concept of the royal outdoor store size and the interior environment was simple without losing the atmosphere. If you have a closer look at the menus and prices, is still considered same as other restaurants, but here they won't charge you the 10% service charge, so it might consider as a good news for the visitors.Their cookers (Chef) are imported from Japan, which they have an 20 years catering experience that lead them to serve an extraordinary foods.They provides wide range of food choices including sashimi, sushi, salad, vol vol hands, sushi, cold food (former dishes), Mini Donburi, tempura, Yakimono BBQ, fried Liu, Teppanyaki, Japanese hot pot, stir, steamed, cooked food, pasta, beverages and desserts.They import fresh seafoods from Japan directly to the restaurant every week twice.They also serves various types of Japanese sake, soju, plum wine and beers for customers to choose.[A-LA-CARTE Buffet Time]Weekdays :Dinner session 6-10pmWeekend & Public Holidays : Lunch Sessions : 12-3pmDinner Session : 6-10pm*Closed on every Tuesday[A-LA-CARTE Buffet Price]Senior citizen: RM 49.80 nettChild (79cm or below) : freeChild (80cm - 100cm) : RM 15.00 nettChild (101cm - 135cm) : RM 35.00 nett[Big deals this month]- Monday to Friday, 5 pax FREE 1 pax on weekdays only- Every Friday (12pm-3pm), student price RM49.80 nett- Free a bowl of hot Japanese style crab nabemono (For reservation in advanced only)[Sushi Roiyaru Japanese Restaurant]Address23, 23-1, 25, Jalan Radin Bagus 3,Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57100 Kuala Lumpur.Tel : 017-5885155 / 012-6969155Opening Hours :Monday to Thursday : 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.00pm - 10.30pmFriday to Sunday and public holidays: 11.30am - 3.00pm, 6.00pm - 10.30pm*Tuesday OffFacebook : Sushiroiyaru

A Wooden Building Based Accomodation - Athome Bentong

A Wooden Building Based Accomodation - Athome Bentong Just five minutes from town, this exotic resort is evocative of a Balinese chalet and resembles the architecture of some countries such as Myanmar and Nepal. You might wonder yourselves in what country are you went actually because of the beautifully structured architecture cannot be found in Malaysia. Athome accommodation is located at Jalan Karak, Bentong. This maybe an ideal accommodation if you planned to went for a holiday here.The owner, Boss Steven Lake, is genuine Bentong grown children began to chase his dream after retired, but the original idea is to cover a bed and breakfast guest house. Because of the inconvenient location, he planned to build a vacation home.The entire house is in an exclusive wooden buildings based. A brick and wood are done by the owner and a local carpenter, and two Indonesian workers. There are 5 double rooms which is made of wood in a Southeast Asian style and 3 family suites that complete with facilities. Price wise is quite expensive but, it's worth visiting with the comfortable atmosphere.To make the visitors stay comfortable, they have a restaurant that serves Chinese and western food. At night, kick back at the open-air bar or fire up the barbecue pit.Other facilities : - WiFi- Air-Con- Water Wheel- Food- Drink- Alcohol- Indoor/OutdoorLocation : Lot 1057 Batu 2 ½, Jalan Karak, Bentong, PahangRestaurant / Bar : 4pm - 2amTel : 016-945 6217More info : AthomeResort

Indian Sweet and Snacks Must Have during Deepavali Festival!!

 Indian Sweet and Snacks Must Have during Deepavali Festival!! Deepavali will not be complete if there is no sweets and snacks. There are a lot and different kind of Indian sweets and snacks that you can found especially during Deepavali festival. Let me introduce the most common Indian sweets and snacks that must have during this festival. Murukku  You can find murukku in every Indian house during Deepavali. It will be weird if there is no muruku. Murukku is a crunchy Indian snack that are made from rice flour and urad dal flour.The flours are mixed with water, salt, asafoetida and either sesame seeds or cumin seeds. The mix is kneaded into a dough, which is shaped into spiral or coil shapes either by hand or using a mould. The spirals are then deep fried in vegetable oil. Murukku Recipe : Adhirasam  Adhirasam is a sweet snack that looks doughnut. It is one which is top in the list when it comes to the matter of Diwali sweet preparations in the Tamilians home. The authentic preparation takes about a week. First the rice is soaked in water and sundried. Then it is ground into fine powder. For adding sweet "vellam" (jaggery)is melted in water by boiling it and added to the rice flour along with some powdered cardamom to make a thick dough. It is then transferred to an earthenware pot and the top of the pot is closed with a thin white cloth. It is then allowed to ferment for about 3–5 days by placing it in the sunlight during the day time. Finally when the batter is ready for preparation, small balls of the dough is taken and flattened using fingers in a small piece of oil brushed banana leaf and deep fried in oil until golden brown. Then it is pressed with a flat bottomed bowl to remove the excess oil Adhirasam Recipe :  Nei Urundai  Nei Urundai is my most favourite Indian sweet. It is so tasty and melts into the mouth..hmm so yummy! I am sure you agreed with me too. Nei Urundai are made from nei urundai flour, ghee and cashew nuts (Can put other nuts according to your choice). Nei Urundai Recipe : Mysore Park  Mysore Park dish is rich in sweetness and butter. It originated in Mysore. It is made of generous amounts of ghee,sugar, gram flour, and often cardamom. Mysore Park recipe : Jalebi  Jalebi is quite common in Middle East, India and Malaysia. You can find it in any Indian shop especially at Little India, Brickfields. Jelebi is made by deep-frying a wheat flour (maida flour) batter in pretzel or circular shapes, which are then soaked in sugar syrup.  Jelebi Recipe : Ladoo  Laddu or laddoo are ball-shaped sweets popular in the Indian Subcontinent. Laddus are made of flour, minced dough and sugar with other ingredients that vary by recipe. They are often served at festive or religious occasions. Laddu Recipe : Gulab Jamun  Gulab Jamun is one of my favourite. This dish is quite sweet until I only can eat one or two pieces. It is delicious and quite common dish during Diwali season or normal days. Gulab jamun is a milk-solids-based dessert and It is made mainly from milk solids, traditionally from freshly curdled milk. In India, milk solids are prepared by heating milk over a low flame for a long time until most of the water content has evaporated. These milk solids, known as khoya in India and Pakistan, are kneaded into a dough, sometimes with a pinch of flour, and then shaped into small balls and deep-fried at a low temperature of about 148 °C.The balls are then soaked in a light sugary syrup flavored with green cardamom and rose water, kewra orsaffron. These days, gulab jamun mix is also commercially available. Gulab jamun is often served at weddings and birthday parties. Gulab Jamun Recipe : Mixture  It consists of a variable mixture of spicy dried ingredients, which may include fried lentils, peanuts, chickpea flour noodles, corn, vegetable oil, chickpeas, flaked rice, fried onion and curry leaves. This is all flavoured with salt and a blend of spices that may include coriander andmustard seed. The traditional Indian food can be eaten as part of a meal; as a standalone snack, though, it is usually consumed with the hands. Mixture Recipe : 

The First Cat Studio in the World ~ JOHANANDHISCATS

The First Cat Studio in the World ~ JOHANANDHISCATS STUDIO The Owner of Johanandhiscats StudioIf you love cats and want to take photo with cats, drop by at Johanandhiscats Studio. Johanandhiscats is the first cat studio in the world that are located in Malaysia and it has more than 25 types of cat from all around the world such as Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest, Abbysinian, Devon Rex, Sphynx, Napoleon and many more.[JOHANANDHISCATS STUDIO]Address : No 16 Jalan Setia Dagang AK U13/AK  40170 Setia Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.Opening Hours : Monday - Thursday ( 12pm - 10pm) Break 4-5pm, Sat - Sun (11am - 10pm) Break 3-4pm , Friday - CloseEntrance Fee : RM10 per entry (1 year and below child are Free)Landmark - Modern Mamak, Shell out, Kidz & Creme, Idrissi School .Tel No : +6017-677 9137, +603-3362 6816Email : : : many people including local celebrities such as Neldia Senrose, Hanis Zalikha and Hairul Azreen came to this studio and took photos with their favourite cats. There are a lot of different types of cat that you can find in this cat studio. The cats are so adorable and cute!! I feel like to kidnap them and keep them in my home. Hahahaha!*Photos from Johanandhiscats Studio FacebookOMG!! They so cute! Any cat lovers out there, please don’t miss out this Johanandhiscats Studio. Take an adorable photo with these lovely cats.


















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Skudai's Hidden Eateries

Although Skudai is a busy area due to it being part of the new growth corridor of southwest Johor, there are some hidden cafes out there that's worth trying. Here are three of our favourite places which are worth the bang for your buck.1. Pace Cafe, Taman Ungku Tun AminahPhoto source: source: Tiffany blue theme has made it one of the favourite spots amongst its many patrons. The interior design and decor creates an amazing atmosphere to spend a wonderful day enjoying delectable meals and drinks. Their desserts are highly sought after dishes in this cafe such as the Rainbow Cheesecake Affrogato (RM 15) and Magnum Espresso Shooter. (Desserts are served in a glass jar).Location: 62, Jalan Pendekar 13, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Johor.Operation Hour : 11.30am - 11pmTel: 07-222 4896Facebook: Futari Book Cafe, Taman Mutiara Mas @candice_maHead to Futari Cafe and be immersed in peace and relaxation. There are plenty of books, soothing music and great cups of coffee to forget your worries and caresThe menu will be keep rotating every week and their waffles as well as cheesy pizzas are a must try..Location: 37,Jalan Mutiara Mas 1/9, Taman Mutiara Mas, 81300 Skudai, Johor, MalaysiaTel: 012-737 7267Operation Hour :11:00am - 10:00pmFacebook: Kafuka Cafe & Music Studio, Taman Tun AminahPhoto source: cozy cafe is a hidden gem that is tucked in a shophouse at level two, Jalan Bendahara 12, Taman Tun Aminah. It offers a casual environment where music lovers and cafe goers would love because of the delectable foods and comfortable ambiance. It is popular for its big breakfast and burgers. Location: 16A, Jalan Bendahara 12, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor, MalaysiaTel: 07-554 4572Opening hours: 12.30pm - 10.00pmFcebook:

A Durian Dilemma

With durian season is now in full swing, you can see many durian stalls mushrooming not only along kampong roads, but also the main roads. The price for the famous king of fruits may be a bit pricey now, but wait for a few more weeks, you can probably buy a big basket full of durians for just RM10. Musang King is the the most sought after by the durian fans. Picture: 1malaysiamusangkingdurian.wordpress.comFrom the famous D24 to the ‘petite’ size durian kampong or the in betweeners (or the hybrids between durian kampungs and the ‘D’ variants) and of course the mother of all king durians or the “Musang King” they are available for durian lovers to choose either to sit there and eat or bring home for a feast.The Musang King is the one sought after by most durians fans. Unlike other types of durians, the Musang King has super sweet, creamy and golden yellow thick flesh. But of course like any other king of fruits, despite how much you enjoy the delish flavour of the most creamy flesh, you’ll still have to deal with the….Smell!For durians fans, the smell probably is not a problem. But for those who can’t take even a whiff, they may scream murder, once you just opened your mouth just to say hi!Well, there’s no simpler way to get rid of that ‘dead rotten rat’ from your mouth or your car, but maybe these tips may help… and it may also cool your body temperature too. Rinse your mouth and drink plenty of water. Pour the water in the durian husk and drink from it. When you are at it why not gargle with mouthwash as well. The Chinese also believe that drinking a glass of salt solution after a durian binge can help reduce body heat.  Maybe you would like to try other tropical fruit for cooling agent. After brushing your teeth and gargle the mouthwash, you can try eating some mangosteen. Gargle with mouthwash can help reduce the stinky smell after eating durians. Picture: Since you should not drink any carbonated, alcohol or caffeinated drinks especially coffee, you can instead use coffee powder to get rid of the smell in your car. There is no need to buy an expensive odour repellent or car air freshener.Wow! The smell from these durians is either heavenly or hellish. Picture: images.says.comMedical Faculty Dean of Indonesia University, Dr Saptawi Bardoso, said the best way to get rid of the pungent smell of durians is just to put a tablespoon of coffee powder in a container in your car. According to her, automatically the aroma of the coffee would neutralise the pungent smell. How long would it take to totally get rid of the smell would depends on how strong the durian smell is in the car.Happy durian binging ya’ll.

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy ~Dotty's Pastries & Coffee at TTDI

Good coffee and delicious pastries makes a perfect combination as a meal. If you want to have that meal, come to Dotty’s Pastries & Coffee at TTDI. They have opened since end of 2015 and a lot of people love to go there. They served delicious pastries and tasty coffee.This cafe is 100% Halal. All kinds of pastries that you can find there. It is quite unique and delicious too! Their coffee are so good...i will called it “perfecto”OMG! It is so “mouth-watering” and so tempting.I love donuts..How about you all? All kinds of flavor that you can choose. Coffee + Pastry + others = Perfecto!! They served other types of menu such western and local cuisines  such as pasta, burger and rice.All the menu looks absolutely amazing! You have to drop by to this cafe if you at TTDI area. It will be worth it. *All Images are taken from Dotty's Pastries & Coffee Facebook[DOTTY’S PASTRIES & COFFEE]Address : 20-G, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.Tel No : 03-77334233Opening Hours : 8am to 9pm (Open daily except for Tuesday is closed)Facebook :

20-G, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Delicious Japanese Buffet Style Only for RM36.80+(Lunch) & RM46.80+(Dinner) at Shabu Ten, One Utama

What?! Unlimited Japanese buffet for RM36.80++! Yup, you read it right. I am sure Japanese food lovers will go crazy for this promotion. Come to Shabu Ten Restaurant at One Utama and enjoy 100 choices of fresh Japanese ingredients. Just choose your favourite, cook it in hot soup pot and eat it. RM36.80++ is for lunch and RM46.80++ for dinner. In their menu, they have few types which are Shabu, Sushi, Agemono and Dessert. Besides that, Shabu Ten offers few choices of soup and many types of sauces that will absolutely meet your needs. Recently, SINI went to Shabu Ten at One Utama to do a food review. I was one of SINI team to try there. Let’s check out on what I have try in this Shabu Ten.There are four types of soup that you can choose which are Chicken Soup, Tom Yam Soup, Pumpkin Soup and Kimchi Soup. Pumpkin Soup is sweet soup and the most healthy. Kimchi Soup is not too spicy and it has sweet pickles.As you can see the picture above, there are many variety that we can choose. There fishballs, seafoods, fish cakes, mushrooms and many more. We could hardly pick because all of it looks tasty.If you don’t want to take from the rotating table, you can take the menu above and tick what you want. They will bring all of it to you.Shabu Ten also serves different types of sushi. You can pick your favourite.They also provide salad dressing. You can choose how you want for your salad. Shabu Ten has many types of sauce. Some are spicy and some are not. These sauce will increase the flavor of your dish. My favourite is Flaming Hot Sauce.You can add four types of ingredient in your sauce which are garlic, parsley, sesame seeds and tabasco.Dip marshmallow into chocolate...omg it is so delicious!! You have to try if you come here.Their delicious desserts ended our day perfectly. They have green tea ice-cream, fresh fruits and puddings.Overall, SINI had the most delicious Japanese buffet experience at Shabu Ten Restaurant. The customer services was friendly and fast. We would absolutely recommend anyone to try at Shabu Ten Restaurant.Address : Shabu Ten Buffet, 1 Utama Shopping Center (New Wing), 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.Facebook : : No : 012-2326844Opening Hours : Lunch ~ RM36.80 (11am to 5pm), Dinner ~ RM46.80 (5pm to 10pm)

1 Utama Shopping Center (New Wing), 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
20 Unique Accommodation Room Types at Desa Balqis, Malacca

Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteDesa Balqis introduced the design of rustic wooden houses uniquely suited for you who want to get away from city life and modern style. This is the perfect place for all kinds of activities such as family days, weddings, corporate events and more. Surrounded by a tranquil atmosphere, the Village Balqis necessarily the main attractions in Kuala Linggi, Melaka.Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWooden bungalow 2 Floors2 Bedroom (queen bed)1 BathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 550.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 600.00School Holidays - RM 650.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWooden Chalet 1 floor1 room (queen bed)1 BathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 220.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 240.00School Holidays - RM 290.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWooden Chalet 1 floor1 queen bed1 BathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 200.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 220.00School Holidays - RM 270.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWood Bungalow 1 floor2 Bedrooms (1 queen & 1 single bed)1 BathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 440.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 480.00School Holidays - RM 550.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWood Bungalow 1 floor2 Bedroom (queen bed)1 BathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 520.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 580.00School Holidays - RM 650.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWood Bungalow 1 floor1 queen bed1 BathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 330.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 360.00School Holidays - RM 400.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWood Bungalow 1 floor1 room (queen bed)1 BathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 280.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 300.00School Holidays - RM 350.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteRoom on the 2nd floor - above Pak Cik RoomBathroom are attached together1 single bed | 1 bathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 140.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 150.00School Holidays - RM 160.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteRoom on the 2nd floor - above Pak Cik RoomBathroom Connected1 single bed | 1 bathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 140.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 150.00School Holidays - RM 160.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWood Bungalow 1 floor4 Bedroom (queen bed)1 Bedroom (3 singles)2 BathroomsWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 950.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 1000.00School Holidays - RM 1100.00Image credit : Desa Balqis FacebookWood Bungalow 1 floor4 Bedroom (queen bed)2 BathroomsWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 900.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 950.00School Holidays - RM 1000.00Wooden Chalet 1 floor1 Bedroom (queen bed)1 BathroomBack foyer sea viewConnecting with Kak Ngah RoomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 500.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 550.00School Holidays - RM 600.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWooden Chalet 1 floor1 Bedroom (queen bed)1 BathroomBack foyer sea viewConnecting with Kak Long RoomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 500.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 550.00School Holidays - RM 600.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWooden Chalet 1 floor1 Bedroom (queen bed)1 BathroomBack foyer sea viewConnecting with Kak Chik RoomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 500.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 550.00School Holidays - RM 600.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWooden Chalet 1 floor1 Bedroom (queen bed)1 BathroomBack foyer sea viewConnecting with Kak Lang RoomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 500.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 550.00School Holidays - RM 600.00Image credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteWood Bungalow 1 floor5 Bedroom (queen bed)2 BathroomsWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 900.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 950.00School Holidays - RM 1000.00Image credit : Desa Balqis Website4 Bedroom (queen bed)2 BathroomsWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 800.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 850.00School Holidays - RM 900.00Image credit : Desa Balqis Website3 Bedroom (queen bed)1 BathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 730.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 780.00School Holidays - RM 830.00Image credit : Desa Balqis Website2 Bedroom (queen bed)2 BathroomsWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 630.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 680.00School Holidays - RM 730.00Image credit : Desa Balqis Website1 Bedroom (queen bed)1 BathroomWeekdays (Monday-Thursday) - RM 280.00Sunday / Public Holidays - RM 330.00School Holidays - RM 380.00FacilitiesImage credit : Desa Balqis WebsiteBBQ Set ~ RM50 to rent itSwimming PoolOfficePrayer RoomCorporate and Wedding EventFootball FieldAddress : KM 50, KAMPUNG BUKIT DARAT, KUALA LINGGI, KUALA SUNGAI BARU, 78200 Masjid TanahOffice Hours : 9.00am - 5.00pmTel No : 0 3-4022 7728Email : desabalqis@gmail.comFacebook : :

Great Deal of Hotel Stay with Sunway Lagoon Tickets!

Looking for the latest deal in town?Come and grab this best deal for you and your family. Resort Suites at Bandar Sunway is celebrating its first year anniversary and in conjunction with our anniversary, we are offering Room Stay + Sunway Lagoon Tickets package from only RM 399 (Usual price RM 490). You will get one night stay at Resort Suites Bandar Sunway and Two (2) adult theme park tickets. About UsResort Suites Bandar Sunway is less than 5-minutes walking distance to the theme park entrance and is also adjacent to the entrance of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall via the parking level B1. Our close proximity with Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Sunway Pyramid Mall and the surrounding business centres makes us one of the best choice of stay in this area. For more information on booking please visit our website or call +60175007679 / +603 76117679Deal InformationOne night stay with 2 Adult ticketsWeekday: RM 399 (Normal Rate: RM 490)Weekend: RM 449 (Normal Rate: RM 540)One night stay with 2 Adult tickets + 1 Child TicketWeekday: RM 529 (Normal Rate: RM 640)Weekend: RM 579 (Normal Rate: RM 690)

Beautiful Accommodations in Fraser's Hill, Pahang

Fraser’s Hill is one of the famous holiday spot among tourists. It has beautiful accommodations that will absolutely blow your mind away. If you are planning for your next holiday, make Fraser’s Hill as your choice.Let’s check out the accommodations in Fraser’s HillFRASER’S SILVERPARK RESORTImage credit : www.fraserhill.infoFraser’s Silverpark Resort is a budget apartment perched on a hill top off Lady Maxwell Road in Fraser’s Hill. Isolated from development, the hotel has incredibly panoramic view from its elevated position, offering family accommodation in studio, two bedroom and three bedroom units scattered across different blocks. The resort has a good number of conference halls, meeting rooms and a sizeable auditorium, making it popular for large group outings on a budget. All apartment come with a kitchen, living area and balcony deck, while master bedrooms get an attached bathroom with bathtub. From the hotel, the town center can be reached within six minutes by carAddress : 143, Jalan Lady Maxwell, 49000 Bukit Fraser, Pahang, Malaysia.Tel No : 09-3622887Facebook :’S PINE RESORTImage credit : www.fraserhill.infoPine Resort is a budget hotel at Jalan Peach Batu, located along the exit route to Kuala Lumpur from the Glen Bungalow roundabout. Comprised of 96 three bedroom family apartments, each unit provides a spacious setting with living hall, kitchen, dining area and private balcony. Facilities at the resort include conference halls and meeting rooms that range from 20 to 350 pax in capacity, a restaurant that specialises in steamboat cuisine, tennis and squash courts, karaoke lounge and activity field with barbeque pits. From the hotel, visitors can access the entrance of Maxwell Trail, located next to a school just a short distance downhill along the main road.Address : Jalan Peach Batu, 49000 Bukit Fraser, Pahang, MalaysiaWebsite : INN BUKIT FRASERShahzan Inn Hotel is located in the famous tourist area - Fraser Mountain, can make your journey more comfortable and convenient. Hotel facilities allows your stay becomes memorable. Guests are free to use the restaurant, business center, room service, meeting facilities, parking lots and other facilities. The elegant interiors of rooms, convenient facilities. Day out sightseeing, you can also enjoy the hotel’s leisure facilities, including golf course, games room and more. Friendly staff, excellent facilities, excellent location, easy visitors to Fraser hill’s major attractions.Address : Jalan Lady Guillemard, Fraser Hill, Pahang, Malaysia.Tel No : 09-3622300Website : OLDE SMOKE HOUSEImage credit : www.fraserhill.infoYe Olde Smokehouse Hotel is a boutique resort along Semantan road, located at a corner along the road to Jeriau Waterfall, a moderate distance away from town. This colonial bungalow of mock Tudor architecture offers the charm of a English countryside home, complete with rafters, beams and old world furnishings in a classy boutique setting. The hotel restaurant features a warm ambience lit by lamps and candles, serving authentic English cuisine such as Beef Wellington, Lamb Shank and Sunday Roast. Outside, the front patio houses a breezy outdoor deck for afternoon tea and scones, with calming views of the lush garden and surrounding rainforest and mountains in the horizon.Address : Jalan Jeriau, 49000 Bukit Fraser, PahangTel No : 09-3622226Website : http://www.thesmokehouse.myPUNCAK INNImage credit : Puncak Inn is a budget hotel at Fraser Hill's town center, facing the clock tower and roundabout a short distance after exiting the Gap Road. Refurbished into a semi-boutique resort and managed by Fraser's Hill Development Corporation, the hotel's reception counter also doubles up as a public tourist information center, with brochures available for visitors to collect. Accommodation is provided in small but cosy rooms equpped with television set, fans and attached bathroom with hot water shower. The larger Junior Suite and Family rooms get a couch which can double up as an extra bed. Of note is a viewpoint area with gazebo that lies above the hotel along the hill slope, overlooking the town and golf course.Address : Jalan Genting, 49000 Bukit Fraser, PahangTel No : 09-3622007

5 Best Accommodation in Cherating That Must Be in Your Bucket List

You don’t have to travel far to experience mind-blowing holiday stay. You just have to travel to Cherating in Pahang. I have found 6 best accommodation in Cherating that will absolutely give you the memories that you will never forget.CLUB MED CHERATING BEACHWith its overwater bungalows in the midst of lush vegetation, this 80-hectare Resort is home to macaques, gibbons, monitor lizards, rare birds and multi-coloured butterflies.Depending on your mood and the time of day, enjoy an excursion in a dugout canoe, a relaxing session at Club Med Spa or cocktails in the magnificent bar.Address : Hvom 29th miles Jalan Kuantan, Kemaman Pahang Darul Makmur.Tel No : 09-5819133Website : : VILLA BEACH & SPA CHERATINGSurrounded by lush greenery and secluded palm-fringed beaches fronting the South China Sea, Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Cherating has the ideal facilities for family vacations and honeymoons, in addition to corporate meetings and team buildings. Situated 47km from Kuantan, the capital city of Pahang, the beach in Cherating is a haven amongst avid surfers who come from all over the world each year to especially enjoy the ride of the ocean waves.Address : Lot 1303, Mukim Sungai Karang, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, MalaysiaTel No : 09-5819500Website : INN CHERATING Residence Inn Cherating  is found in Cherating, Malaysia, 30 minutes far from Kuantan, where all the seasides and islands are located. Residence Inn Cherating  is a plain 5 mins stroll from the beach, culture facilities and lots of dining establishments and bar to keep you fully occupied. offers an opportunity for their visitor to explore outdoor activities like forest trekking, seaside volleyball, netball, limbo rock, browsing and kayaking. This lodge is situated within a 10-minute stroll of the community facility and provides comfy and spacious rooms, an exterior swimming pool, a jacuzzi and free cordless internet gain access to in all rooms.Address : Lot 826, Mukim Sungai Karang, 26080 Cherating, Pahang.Tel No : 09-5819333Website : CHERATING BEACH RESORTA serene ambience will greet you the first time you step foot at Suria Cherating Beach Resort that is strategically surrounded by a splendid view of tropical woodlands and pine trees; perfect for those who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you’re visiting with your family, loved ones or bunch of good friends, this resort will definitely fulfil your excitement this season. It is no wonder that Cherating is a go to destination for tourists from all over the world.Address : KM 32.5, Jalan Kuantan / Kemaman, 26080 Cherating, Pahang.Tel No : 09-5819898Website : THE LEGEND RESORT CHERATINGThe Legend Resort Cherating in Pahang, Malaysia, is a 4-star hotel with a stunning white sandy beach located at one of Malaysia’s premier holiday spots, Cherating Beach. On a 6.5-acre site at Cherating in the State of Pahang, the Legend Resort Cherating is a popular coastal resort area that boasts the finest white sandy beaches in the Peninsular Malaysia. With its pristine beach front and azure waters, the Legend Resort Cherating promises a comeback for most tourists.Address : Lot 1290, Mukim Sungai Karang, 26080 Cherating, Kuantan.Website :

Machap Walk, Pasar Malam Komuniti Cina di Alor Gajah Yang Unik

Machap Baru, sebuah pekan kecil yang terletak di dalam daerah Alor Gajah meriah apabila tibanya hujung minggu.Pekan yang terletak kira-kira 30km dari Banda Hilir Melaka kembali popular di kalangan pelancong yang datang untuk merasakan pengalaman pasar malam yang diadakan di setiap hari Jumaat, Sabtu dan Ahad.Kalau dahulu pekan Machap Baru ini hanya terkenal di kalangan peminat-peminat daging buruan haiwan liar, kini bas-bas persiaran yang membawa pelancong dari China, Taiwan dan Singapura akan bersusun di sepanjang jalan besar membawa pengunjung ke pasar malam ini.Pintu gerbang ke pasar malam atau Machap Walk di Machap Baru, Alor Gajah, Melaka. Foto: Harny KhairDikenali sebagai Machap Walk, pasar malam kecil ini mula mendapat perhatian pelancong dari dalam dan luar negara yang mahu merasai pasar malam komuniti Cina yang unik tetapi kurang komersial berbanding Jonker Walk yang sudah popular.Setiap petang Jumaat, Sabtu dan Ahad, tiga lorong kecil akan dikosongkan untuk memberi laluan kepada peniaga-peniaga kecil pasar malam menjual barangan mereka.Seperti lazimnya pasar malam di komuniti Cina, terdapat satu pentas di simpang tiga kawasan pasar malam untuk mereka yang suka berkaraoke.Seperti lazimnya, di pasar malam komuniti Cina biasanya akan ada pentas untuk pengunjung berkaraoke. Foto: Harny KhairWalaupun tidak semeriah Jonker Walk, Machap Walk mempunyai tarikannya yang tersendiri. Apa yang penting, barangan dan makanan yang dijual di pasar malam ini lebih murah dan asli.Pasar malam Machap Walk ini lebih sesuai dengan pengunjung bukan Islam kerana hampir 99 peratus adalah peniaga Cina. Namun, ini tidak bermakna anda tidak boleh bersama-sama merasai pengalaman di Machap Baru ini.Machap Walk kini merupakan lokasi popular untuk mereka yang menjadikan fotografi sebagai hobi. Pelbagai ragam manusia dengan suasana penuh warna-warni dapat dirakam dengan lensa kamera masing-masing.Pengunjung Cina di sini sukakan makanan jalanan seperti mi merah buatan sendiri yang dihidang dengan sup char siew (daging khinzir) bebola ikan dan kek ikan. Hidangan ini sangat popular hingga ada yang sanggup makan berdiri di tepi jalan kerana tidak cukup meja.Selain itu terdapat juga makanan popular lain seperti laksa, rendang dan acar sebagai pembuka selera. Bagi pencuci mulut pula cubalah rasa roti kok dengan kaya. Harganya pun murah.Harga semangkuk pencuci mulut seperti bubur cha cha dan tang yuen di Machap Walk ini lebih murah berbanding di Jonker Street. Foto: Harny KhairBagi peminat bubur pula, rasalah pelbagai bubur manis seperti, cha cha, tang suan, bubur bijian hitam, mai zhou atau bubur kacang tanah. Harganya sekitar RM2.40 dan RM3 semangkuk. Bagi peminat cendol dan ABC, cubalah rasa pencuci mulut popular ini. Harganya jauh lebih murah daripada di Jonker Street. Macam-macam 'toppings' pun ada.Cendol dan ABC merupakan pencuci mulut popular di Melaka. Harga semangkuk cuma RM2.50 sahaja. Foto: Harny KhairPernah tengok macam mana seorang peniaga di China buat gula-gula kapas berbentuk bunga dalam YouTube tak? Okay di Machap Walk inipun ada penjual gula-gula kapas yang pandai buat bentuk bunga. Harganya pun sangat murah. Cuma RM2 sahaja.Bukan saja sangat popular di kalangan kanak-kanak, orang dewasa pun ikut teruja hendak merasa gula-gula kapas bunga ini. Lepas beli, mesti akan ambil gambar.Peniaga membuat gula-gula kapas berbentuk bunga. Harganya cuma RM2 sahaja. Foto: Harny KhairUntuk ke sini tidak susah. Guna saja GPS atau waze. Setkan lokasi dan ia akan membawa anda melalui Ayer Keroh melepasi Kampung Padang Keladi tu Durian Tunggal.Belok kanan dan kira-kira 200 meter di hadapan, belok ke kiri melalui jalan bengkang bengkok dan pasti anda tertarik dengan pemandangan indah Tasik Durian Tunggal yang menjadi lubuk memancing bagi kaki pancing.Macam-macam barang terdapat di Machap Walk, bukan hanya makanan sahaja. Foto: Harny KhairKena datang awal kalau tidak mahu sesat dalam lautan manusia. Machap Walk kini popular di kalangan pelancong tempatan dan dari Singapura. Foto: Harny KhairSekiranya anda mahu ke sini, dinasihatkan supaya datang awal dalam kira-kira jam 5 petang untuk mengelak daripada lautan manusia.Jangan bimbang fasal tempat letak kereta, ada kawasan lapang di bahu jalan yang luas untuk anda meletak kenderaan untuk ke pasar malam.Bagi pengunjung Islam pula, ada gerai menjual sate halal di pintu masuk kawasan pasar malam atau boleh saja membeli buah-buahan tempatan yang dijual di sini. Boleh juga cuba gula-gula kapas atau popcorn kalau hendak mengunyah.Satu-satunya peniaga sate Islam di Machap Walk. Gerainya terletak di pintu masuk ke pasar malam. Foto: Harny KhairBaunya saja sudah menarik. Lihatlah buah cempedak yang dijual, besar-besar belaka. Harganya pun berpatutan. Foto: Harny Khair

Come and Experience the Treasures of Terengganu!!

Hailed as the ‘Gem of the East Coast’, Terengganu is a magical destination steeped in culture and heritage. Its long coastline offers sweeping vistas of aquamarine waters fringed by white powdery sands. Away from the shores lie a cluster of islands that gleamed invitingly in the South China Sea. Kuala Terengganu is the charming capital of this state.Image credit : www.sutra.myMeandering rivers lit by the glow of fireflies, cascading waterfalls and sprawling lakes, form some of the state’s most impressive natural sceneries. Home to charming coastal villages and a wealth of traditional crafts, Terengganu beckons with a grace and beauty that is distinctly Malay.PLACES OF INTERESTIslamic Civilisation Park ~ Pulau Wan ManImage credit : thriftytraveller.wordpress.comDid you know that Islamic Civilisation Park is the first theme park in the world to showcase Islamic architecture? It is one of the state’s most distinguished attractions. Featuring impressive edifices and intricate craftsmanship, the park takes visitors on a spellbinding tour of the finest in Islamic architecture. The park’s icon is the glittering Masjid Kristal (Crystal Mosque), a grand structure made of steel and glass. Take a stroll around the Monument Park, where visitors can view the replicas of 22 historical Islamic monuments found around the world. Among them are the Al-Hambra Citadel in Spain, Masjidil Haram in Saudi Arabia, Dome of the Rock in Palestine and Taj Mahal in India.Address : 21000 Kuala Terengganu, TerengganuOpening hours : 10am to 7pm (Mon-Thurs), 9am to 7pm (Fri - Sun, Public/School holiday)*last admission is at 615pm and closed from 1130am to 230pm on FridayAdmission Fee : Malaysian ( RM15 Adult RM8 Child [age 7-12] )                           Non-Malaysian ( RM25 Adult RM15 Child [age 7-12] )                           * special rate for senior citizens & groupsTel No : 09-6278888Website : State Museum ComplexImage credit : malaysiaecoportal.comNestled amidst beautifully landscaped gardens, the museum offers a glimpse into the rich history of the state. It is touted as the largest museum complex in Southeast Asia, housing four main blocks, an adjacent Maritime Museum and five traditional houses.Address : Bukit 20566 Darul Iman, Terengganu.Opening Hours : 9am to 5pm (Daily), Closed from 12pm to 3pm on Friday.Admission Fee : Malaysian ( RM5 Adult, RM2 Child [age 7-12], RM1 Students in school uniform )                           Non-Malaysian ( RM15 Adult, RM10 Child [age 7-12] )Tel No : 09-6221444Website : DuyongImage credit : www.pinterest.comTraditional boat building activities are the main draw of the island. A traditional skill that handed down from fathers to sons. Watch how the skilled craftsmen build these boats entirely from memory, without the use of any blueprint. The vessels are sold both locally and internationally. Pulau Duyong is also the venue of the Monsoon Cup Terengganu, a prestigious international sailing event.Masjid Tengku Tengah ZaharahImage credit : homestay-ummi-terengganu.blogspot.comBuilt in 1994, the mosque showcases a combination of Moorish and modern architectural elements. It is dubbed as the “Floating Mosque” for its unique design. This mosque is built on a submerged platform. When the water level rises during the high tide, it creates the illusion of a floating mosque. The Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah is situated at the estuary of Sungai Ilbai, 5km from Kuala Terengganu.Address : Kuala Ibai, 20400 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.Pulau RedangImage credit : www.malaysia.travelSituated about 45km off the coast of Terengganu, Pulau Redang is the largest of the state’s islands. It is famous for its picture-postcard views and fabulous dive sites. The most popular stretch is the 800m Long Beach. It has one large resort and many smaller chalets lining the shore. Further away on the northeastern coast is Teluk Dalam Kecil, a sheltered cove that houses a five-star resort. Berjaya Air, a private carrier, provides direct air links to the island. Alternatively, Redang is accessible by sea. The jumping-off points are the Shahbandar Jetty situated in Kuala Terengganu town or Merang Jetty, about an hour’s drive from Kuala TerengganuMust do : ◆ Go snorkelling at the Marine Park◆ Explore the 31 dive sites on the island◆ Take a walk along the breathtaking Long Beach◆ Play beach volleyball◆ Enjoy a jungle walk to see monkeys, squirrels and birdsPulau Perhentian Besar and KecilImage credit : www.abenteurer.netA dream come true for sun-seekers, Pulau Perhentian Besar and Kecil offer amazing views of sparkling white sands and clear blue waters. The excellent visibility makes these islands a firm favourite among divers and snorkelers. Visitors have a choice of staying at Perhentian Besar or Kecil. A 10-minute boat ride is all it takes to get from one island to the other. While Perhentian Kecil has a lively, upbeat atmosphere with plenty of chalets and chic beach cafes, its neighbour has a quieter ambience with comparatively larger resorts and restaurants. Access to the islands is via a 45-minute boat ride from Kuala Besut on the mainland.Must do :◆ Try island-hopping◆ Go diving at Tokong Laut to see bamboo sharks◆ Go on a banana boat ride or try canoeing◆ Enjoy the sun and sea breezePulau Lang TengahImage credit : www.backpackingasia.comHailed as one of Terengganu’s best kept secrets, Lang Tengah is a smaller, more secluded getaway located between the islands of Redang and Perhentian. From the time you arrive, the magic of Lang Tengah will enchant you. The waters are crystal clear, the view stunningly beautiful and the atmosphere is totally peaceful. There are only three resorts on this island, giving visitors total relaxation and lots of privacy. Access to this island is via the Merang Jetty. There are about 15 dive sites around Lang Tengah, all within 10 minutes boat ride from one another.Pulau TenggolImage credit : well-sheltered bay at Pulau Tenggol is home to mature coral gardens, making it a delight for reef lovers. Being the farthest island from the mainland, the nutrient-rich waters of Tenggol are home to a kaleidoscope of colourful corals and marine life. Enjoy a stay at any of the three beach resorts here and make Pulau Tenggol your dream holiday destination. Access to this island is via the Kuala Dungun Jetty.Pulau Kapas Image credit : www.jonesaroundtheworld.comPulau Kapas lies a short distance off the coast of Terengganu. A tiny tropical paradise, the island is home to a variety of both hard and soft corals, amongst which reside rich marine life. The island is known for squid fishing at certain times of the year.Tasik KenyirImage credit : Tasik Kenyir is the largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia and also Malaysia’s largest hydroelectric dam. It is alternative gateway to Taman Negara, a magnificent national park. This entryway to Taman Negara is commonly referred to as the Tanjung Mentong entryway.The rugged terrain, streams, waterfalls, caves and submerged forests make it an exciting destination for eco-adventures and water sports. At the southern end of the lake, lie Gua Bewah and Gua Taat, two intriguing caves. The former was the site of archaeological discoveries with artefacts such as axes, tools and utensils dating back to the Neolithic age. Gua Taat on the opposite is smaller in size but contains interesting stalactite formations.Visitors are allowed to do fishing at certain areas. Tasik Kenyir is located about 55km from Kuala Terengganu and the nearest town is Kuala Berang. Accommodation ranges from houseboats, lakeside resorts and floating chalets. Visitors can reach Tanjung Mentong through the two jetties in Gawi and Jenangor. The Motorboat trip cuts across Tasik Kenyir in about 45 minutes.Must do :◆ Explore the Taat and Bewah Caves.◆ Conquer the peak of Gunung Gagau for a view of the entire region.◆ Go kayaking, canoeing or boating.◆ Take a nocturnal tour to see wild animals and their footprints.◆ Go mountain biking or rock climbing.◆ Go angling to a land a variety of freshwater fish.◆ Visit Herb Farm.◆ Make a trip to the Lasir and Saok Waterfalls.◆ Birdwatching.◆ See elephants up close at the Sungai Ketiar Elephant Sanctuary◆ Learn more about fishes at the Kelah (Malaysian Mahseer) Sanctuary.Location : Hulu Terengganu, Terengganu.Chemerong Waterfall Hulu DungunImage credit : www.alloexpat.comHailed to be the highest waterfall in the country, the multi-tiered Chemerong Waterfall is truly a spectacular sight. It cascades some 305m along rugged cliffs and rock faces and plunges into a scenic pond. The vast size of this waterfall makes it visible even from afar. Visitors can visit the recreational forest nearby. Chemerong Waterfall is situated in the Chemerong Forest Reserve about 30km from Bandar Al Muktafu Billah Shah in Dungun.Address : Hutan Simpanan Pasir Raja, 23000 Dungun, Terengganu.Firefly Sanctuary Sungai Yak Yah, KemamanImage credit : interesting-place-in-terengganu.blogspot.comTake a cruise along Sungai Yak Yah to view one of the nature’s most amazing phenomena. As night falls, the riverbanks turn into a grand theatre where hundreds of fireflies form a symphony of lights. This astounding natural attraction is situated about 15km from Kijal. To go on a cruise, visitors can make arrangements with local tour operators.La Hot Springs BesutImage credit : al-the-one.blogspot.comThe tropical enclave is the site of hot springs, clear streams and a recreational forest. Visitors often flock to this hot springs because of the purported healing properties of the natural sulphur here. La Hot Springs is also the gateway to the Gunung Tebu Forest Reserve. Caving, fishing, camping and jungle trekking are among the popular activities.Location : Sungai Peng 22010 Jerteh, Terengganu.Sekayu Recreational Forest Kuala BerangImage credit : terengganutravel-guide.blogspot.comSekayu Recreational Forest offers an invigorating glimpse into the wonders of the rainforest. The main attraction here is the seven-tier Sekayu Waterfalls. Resting huts are placed around the area, making it an ideal location for picnics and family outings. Chalets are available for overnight visitors. Sekayu is about 56km from Kuala Terengganu and16km from Kuala Berang.Must do :◆ Swim at the natural pools◆ Have a picnic under the forest canopy◆ Visit the Mini Zoo◆ Stroll along the orchard to see tropical fruit trees◆ Spot different species of birds at the Bird Park◆ Go jungle trekking◆ Visit the seven-tiered Sekayu Waterfalls◆ Walk along the picturesque hanging bridge across the river.There are actually many more places of interest in Terengganu that you can explore. The capital city has several interesting spots that are situated near to one another. More natural attractions can be enjoyed around the state, particularly at Marang and Paka. Terengganu’s long coastline gives rise to a number of beaches that are equally beautiful.

By September, Renew Your Passport Online

Starting next month, Malaysians need not queue at the immigration counter to renew their international passport.The Immigration Department will introduce online renewal which will be fully implemented, in September.Applicants can collect their passports on the same day once the application is made online.Its director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said the move is part of the department's effort to enhance their system and to reduce the number of queues at counters at all department's offices in the country.Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said the move ito reduce the number of queues at counters. Image: MMOnlineHe said public can apply for new passport online and collect them on the same day.Mustafar said, at the same time, the department has taken the necessary action to address passports' defective chips by working together with two vendors; Datasonic Group Sdn Bhd and Percetakan Keselamatan Negara Sdn Bhd (PKN) to ensure that supply is not interrupted.He added the department is planning to increase the production from 5,000 to 20,000 passports daily. The department will monitor all feedback from the public before implement it full scale.Source: The Malay Mail Online

Check Cheapo Air Tix at

You may have been familiar with many cheap flight websites such as or Traveloka to look for best or cheapest tickets that fit your budget for the next adventure. Latest to jump on the bandwagon, is another flight comparison website from Indonesia, has started its operaton since 2011 and had been growing since then in term of routes and inter-airline corporations. So far, offers 50 flights, among others from Airasia, Firefly, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, Thai Lion Air, Batik Air, Air China, Jetstar and covers more than 35,000 routes covering Asia-Pacific region.Image Airpaz.comType of currencies, prices and transactionUsers can choose to check the ticket prices using 23 types of currencies such as Ringgit Malaysia, Indonesian Rupiah, Australian Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong Dollar, Philippines Peso, Thai Baht, GBP and USD.Flight destination & ticket offer domestic flights in Malaysia and international flights to Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, India, Philippines,  Sri Lanka, Australia, Paris, Maldives, Korea, Taiwan dan Jepun. The website offers flight promotions from airlines that collaborating with it to many domestic and international destinations.Image: Airpaz.comEasy flight ticket reservation Users can reserve both round trip and one way flight tickets. However, what make it more simpler is the price for the ticket is displayed along with each date on the monthly calendar. Thus, user need to look for the best price that suit the budget and the best date for their travel plan.Once the choice is made, user just click on the desired price and date and proceed with reservation.Image: Airpaz.comAnother good feature for is user need not necessarily register as member with the website. Any purchase can be done without one needs to be a member.A word of caution. Please be careful and ensure all data given are correct when filling in the form to buy the flight ticket as there is no "Back" button. Once you click the "Continue" it will bring user to the next page.Image: Airpaz.comIt will save your time to ensure all information is correct before clicking that "Continue" button as once there is a mistake, user will have to repeat the process all over again.Extra charges The charges for baggage or luggage are not included in the price ticket. Make sure you put in your luggage weight needed. Price for baggage between 20 and 40kg is between RM89 and RM199.There is also a RM12 convenience fee charged for each reservation.  User need to buy their own insurance so they need to buy straight from the airline.There is no option to select seats and again user have to contact directly with the airline if they want to book seats in the aircraft.Once everything is in order, click the "Booking" button and there will be a display on the types of payment to choose. Types of payment are through debit or credit cards, bank transfer and ATM.Image: Airpaz.comOnce you have picked your choice, just click the "Submit Payment" button and your order number will be displayed for you to check your reservation.User needs to print the ticket and bring it to the check-in counter for boarding pass.Airpaz on AndroidUsers can download Airpaz application from Google Play Store.Airpaz.comTrustworthinessThe website is a licenced travel company which is registered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Every transaction is guarenteed by Geo Trust, a world second largest digital certificate vendor. So what's stopping you? Try out this website to look for the best flight tickets to your desired destinations.Image:

Make a Splash at Wet World Water Parks

‘Wet World’ is the largest chain of waterparks in Malaysia equipped with water play elements and slides that offers a perfect holiday getaway. There are four Wet World franchises in three different states; Wet World Shah Alam, Wet World Batu Pahat Village Resort, Wet World Air Panas Pedas Resort and Kota Tinggi Waterfalls Resort.Each Wet World Water Park is unique and offers different kinds of water games and activities. Read more to find out about each Wet World Water Park:1) Wet World Batu Pahat Village ResortWet World Batu Pahat Village Resort is armed with intelligent creation of water play components and slides. Even though it is an old attraction, there's a lot of local visitors who do spend their time during the weekends with their family. Some of the interesting features are Batu Pahat Tower, Big Splash, Wave Pool, Swan Boat, Lazy River, SPA Pool and Dino Land.Location: Lot 138, Jalan Bukit Pasir, Tasek Merdeka, 83050 Batu PahatContact: 017-3368114Ticket PriceAdult : Normal RM28 / MyKad RM18Child: Normal RM25 / MyKad RM15Below 85cm FREEOperating HoursWeekdays 10AM - 7PMWeekends 10AM - 7PMSchool and Public Holidays 10AM - 7PMClosed on Tuesdays, except School & Public HolidaysWebsite: Wet World Shah AlamWet World Water Park in Shah Alam is one of the best place to spend a day trip with family and friends. The strategic location of this water park offers an amazing view of Shah Alam Lake Garden. One can enjoy the waterpark as well as the breathtaking Lake Garden view.There are many amazing things to do particularly for children such as Super Hurricane, Monsoon Buster, Thunder River, Kiddy Typoon Lagoon and Caribbean Rider. The water level here does not exceed more than a meter, so it's considered relatively safe.Location: No. 3A, Persiaran Dato Menteri, Sek.14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul EhsanContact: 017-2890366Ticket PriceAdult : Normal RM35 / MyKad RM25Child: Normal RM30 / MyKad RM20Below 90cm FREEOperating HoursWeekdays 10AM - 6PMWeekends 10AM - 6PMSchool and Public Holidays 10AM - 6PMClosed on Wednesday, except School & Public HolidaysWebsite: Wet World Air Panas Pedas ResortThis water park is different among the other three since it is known to be the first hot spring water park in Negeri Sembilan.The hot spring water in the pools is at a temperature of 35 to 46 degree celsius, suitable for people of all ages. In addition, the water contains minerals that are very good for your health and skin. This includes the reflexology foot bath, where one would have to walk on a reflexology pebble trail in the water.Location: Lot 603, Mukim pedas, 71400 Pedas, Negeri Sembilan.Contact: 012-3225768Ticket PriceAdult : Normal RM25 / MyKad RM15Child: Normal RM22 / MyKad RM12Below 85cm FREEOperating HoursWeekdays 1PM - 6.30PMWeekends 10AM - 6.30PMSchool and Public Holidays 10AM - 6.30PMClosed on Tuesday, except School & Public HolidaysWebsite: Kota Tinggi Waterfalls ResortKota Tinggi Waterfalls Resort is a combination of a natural and an artificial water park. Visitors will be able to enjoy the natural surroundings while playing on three types of water slides; Long Slide, Spiral Slide and Blue Slide.Take a dip in the cool river water and for those wanting to spend a night here, they can opt to stay at the Resthouse Resort. This is a perfect weekend getaway to escape from all the hustle and bustle of city life.Location: Jalan Lombong, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Contact: 07-889 9222Ticket PriceAdult : Normal RM15 / MyKad RM7.50Child: Normal RM10 / MyKad RM3.50Below 85cm FREEOperating HoursWeekdays 8AM - 7PMWeekends 8AM - 7PMSchool and Public Holidays 8AM - 7PMOpens daily, including School & Public HolidaysWebsite:

Ingenious Bamboo Architecture In The Heart Of KL

Located in the heart of KL city is a popular tourist spot among locals and foreigners. Coined as the Perdana Botanical Garden, it has always been a part of the green lung of the city along with a decade long history.Photo credit: Marc Tey Photography, M Suhaimi IsmailAmongst the diverse attractions in the park is a bamboo pavilion which was built by Malaysian architect Eleena Jamil.The main purpose of this project is to raise awareness regarding the potential of using bamboo as a sustainable building material, which is very rare in modern Malaysian architecture nowadays.Photo credit: Marc Tey Photography, M Suhaimi IsmailPhoto credit: Marc Tey Photography, M Suhaimi IsmailPhoto credit: Marc Tey Photography, M Suhaimi IsmailFeaturing tree-like columns,  a floor made up of 31 elevated platforms and with an area of 320 square meters, the pavilion sits on the lake of the lush and beautiful landscape surrounding the botanical gardens.It makes an excellent shaded play area, meeting place as well as resting and performance space.Photo credit: Marc Tey Photography, M Suhaimi IsmailPhoto credit: Marc Tey Photography, M Suhaimi IsmailFrom the pavilion, one can enjoy amazing views of the lake and parkland as well. This includes pretty amazing night views which is something one should not miss.Photo credit: Marc Tey Photography, M Suhaimi IsmailPhoto credit: Marc Tey Photography, M Suhaimi IsmailFor those looking for serenity while taking in the beauty of the Botanical Gardens, this is the place to be.Location: Jalan Kebun Bunga, Tasik Perdana, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTel: 03-2617 6404Website:

Lets K-Pop with iKON at Stadium Negara

The first iKON concert in Malaysia will be held this 13 August at Stadium Negara. image: all K-Pop fans out there!If you are iKON fans, grab this chance to watch the group first concert in Malaysia, to be held this Saturday (13 August) at Stadium Negara.The band, made popular with their songs Apology, Dumb and Dumber and What's Wrong will be in Kuala Lumpur as part of their iKONCERT 2016: SHOWTIME Tour.iKON, consists of B.I, Jinhwan, Bobby, Yunhyeong, Ju-ne, Donghyuk and Chanwoo had performed at Singapore Indoor Stadium recently, and received an overwhelming response from their fans there.iKON released their full album late last year. Image: ygunited.com5 facts about iKONThe band was originally named iCON but the spelling was changed to iKON to reflect the band;s origin and nationalilty with a vision that the band would be an icon to Korea where they spead their pop culture worldwide. The members were selected through a survival programme Win: Who is Next and later on through Mix&Match where only seven were selected.Not one but three of their songs topped the charts when they launched their full album Welcome Back, late last year. Bobby and B.I were well known as they had collaborated with EpikHigh for their single Born Hater and had also participated in another survival programme Show Me The Money 3 where Bobby emerged as the winner.Welcome Back was also released in Japan early this year with two disck package where 12 songs in Japanese and the other of the same songs originally in Korean.Their album made to the third place in Oricon chart and last March they released their latest song Just Go in Japan.Welcome Back album was also released in Japan early this year. image: are priced at RM588 (VIP, Numbered seat), RM548 (Rock Zone, Free Standing), RM488 (Cat 1, Numbered seat), RM388 (Cat 2, Numbered seat), RM288 (Cat 3, Free seating) and RM188 (Cat 4, Free seating) which includes 6% GST but excludes RM4 processing fee.According to TicketCharge, more than half of the tickets were sold at the ticket launch so get your tickets fast at or +60392228811. For further updates, check out

Malaysian 90’s Born Would Love To See This Things Again

90's is known to be one of the luckiest era to be in the century. The magic and beauty that was the 90's is something that 90s kids should forever cherish in their hearts. Everyone knows 90s kids were the real winners of this decade, read the article below to feel the presence of the 90’s life.Walkman / DiscmanThere was a time when people would carry a big bulky machine that would fit in one’s hand to hear music. That was a time when people made mixed tapes to give to people who mattered. That was the time of the portable music player. The children today would have no clue at all how it all came into picture.Ice Pop and Cotton CandyWhere there will be a aunty selling this pop ice creams nearby school areas which cost just RM0.20 cents. They have various flavors of ice as well like milo, asam, rootbeer and anggur.Bell Bottom JeansBell-bottoms or also known as “boot-cut” became fashionable for both men and women in the 90’s. The bell-shaped silhouette started to fade as the skinny jean starts to emerge.Social media's - Friendster, Myspace, MSNThis known to be the first popular social media’s on the website that allows users to fill out an online profile and connect with people they knew in real life. Students and youngster used to go to nearby cybercafes to chat and send testimonials with their friends, crush or admires. Video TapesWe used to have to record things on camera and then put the little tape recordings into these bigger ones and then into what was called a VCR to play the videos. Not only cameras, but also movies on TV or football games were recorded into these video tapes to be watched the next day.Nokia 3310The world's strongest phone ever, even the battery life also. Its functions, musics, games, and the signature Startup logo still running on our minds.The ShakerThis amazing mechanical pencil is wanted by everyone. It cost about RM6.00, and if you had the Shaker you were considered rich and cool. Everybody would be planning to steal it from you.The Game Cards Legendary games cards, even some people still playing this card occasionally during free times with their families and friends.ErasersWe were all into the whole eraser collection phase, just to battle with other people’s eraser, and the winner gets to take the losers eraser away. Mostly played by boys.Biodata BookWhere personal details will be written here, and a person’s favorites will also be stated like favorite foods, colors, actors and song will be mentioned as well and decorated with colorful pens and markers, some even paste their photos.